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Capital Improvments 

Typically, most capital improvement work happens in the summer months when our houses are either vacant or have lighter occupancy.  If summer is your time to tackle projects, now is the time to start planning.  Do you have improvement projects on the horizon?  Have you identified and planned your projects?  Is your funding ready to go?  Great.  You’re set.

Not quite?  Have questions… concerns?  We can help. 

RPG offers a full spectrum of services designed to help your house corporation effectively maintain your house today and for years to come. 

Together we can;

  • Identify capital needs present today and 20 years from today
  • Establish a budget to ensure you’re ready to address future capital needs
  • Fund the immediate projects you have to do now
  • Consult on scope development, design, contractor vetting and material selection
  • Act as project manager or owner’s representative to ensure your project is done right

Each of these services is available from RPG on a stand-alone basis or can be combined for greater impact.  For more information on RPG services, click here or contact us directly to discuss your specific needs.