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On August 16th, 2002 RPG received possession of the ATO Gamma Mu House at 1537 Tennessee Street in Lawrence, Kansas.  At the time, there was no ATO chapter on campus, no tenant in the building, the mortgage was due and property taxes were in arrears.   Circumstances were difficult.  The ATO alumni owners of the building wanted desperately to preserve the house for ATO’s future use.   Selling the house to the university, another fraternity or a local property owner would all but eliminate that hope.  They all agreed, the young, ATO National subsidiary called RPG is our best option.

On August 16th, 2017, 15 years later, to the day, the Gamma Mu chapter of ATO moved back into the house at 1537 Tennessee Street.  Through 15 years of work, sacrifice, risk, uncertainty, hundreds of thousands of dollars invested and a whole lot of effort by many alumni, undergraduates, parents and RPG and National Fraternity staff and volunteers, the house on Tennessee Street is again the Gamma Mu House.  What an amazing day.  What an amazing success.  Thank you to everyone that made this day possible.

The story of Gamma Mu is precisely why RPG was created.  Our chapter houses are important.  They are worth preserving.  They are the places our undergraduate members call home, eat, sleep, where our chapters’ meet, conduct their business, they create a sense of identity for our chapters and they are the places where many, many of our greatest times are experienced with our brothers.  We believe preserving and protecting this vital aspect of the fraternity experience is our core responsibility.

Richmond Property Group, ATO’s National House Corporation, named in honor of ATO’s founding at the Glazebrook home in Richmond, Virginia, stands ready to assist in the preservation of ATO houses across the country.  We believe our chapter houses are important.  If we can help ensure your house remains open and available to present and future ATOs, we’re ready to help.  RPG’s full list of services can be found here.

Thank you again to all involved with the Gamma Mu preservation, renovation and return.  Congratulations to Gamma Mu and welcome home.

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