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Safety Security Newspage

Living in a well-run, safe and secure chapter house can be an amazing experience. In order to reduce the risk of safety issues, your chapter may want to consider a security system. Members may think that because there are dozens of people living inside the house, it's the last place a security system is needed. Unfortunately, that pro can also be a con. With many people living together and friends and visitors constantly coming and going the potential for confusion is increased, putting the house at risk for unwanted intruders.
Many facilities have multiple people assigned to one room. With everyone on different schedules it's hard to know when someone is actually home or not and doors often remain unlocked. It is important for residents to always carry their room key or fob with them so personal room doors can always be locked, even if it's for a few minutes while chatting with a friend down the hall.
College, fraternity and technology seem to go hand in hand. Many chapter houses have high end electronics in them. Entertainment rooms, study labs, and every resident's personal electronics. With so many high ticket items under one roof this makes fraternity houses a prime target for burglaries. Home automation systems can monitor for window breaks, lights can be scheduled for academic breaks and motion sensors can be activated when no one is supposed to be inside the house.  All of these security measures can help keep your house and belongings safe.
Chapter houses are occupied the majority of the year, but during scheduled school breaks the house may be entirely unoccupied. Engage your local or campus police to do extra patrols by your house or have a resident, property manager or advisor stop by the house just to check in on things and provide a human presence during unoccupied times.
Fire safety is another important security component of a well-run chapter house. With a large amount of residents and guests coming and going all the time, it's important to have everyone aware of evacuation and fire safety plans. Taking roll, meeting at a designated location and conducting a fire drill are easy ways to help reduce confusion if something were to happen. Contact your local or campus fire department to ask about more ways to protect your house from fire or to plan a health and safety workshop for the membership.
Regardless of the size of the house, RPG wants every resident to feel safe and secure in their home away from home. If you think your chapter could benefit from a security audit or wants help setting up a safety plan or security system, contact us today!