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“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” — Mahatma Gandhi

ATO chapters have countless volunteers working behind the scenes and the same is true for our house corporations. As summer is winding down already, we would like to say 'Thank You!'

Ensuring volunteer success is important to any organization, RPG looks forward to providing resources to officers - both undergrad and corporation. Before the fall term takes off, now is a great time check in with your corporation officers and make sure you are prepared for a successful year. In addition to planning ahead for renovations, builds and campaigns, corporations should also be cognizant of their volunteer pipeline.  Developing and managing volunteers effectively can provide maximum benefit to the organization and the individuals.

  • Do you need to update your board membership with the Headquarters?  
  • Perhaps some members are no longer involved or have terms that are rolling off?  
  • How do you plan to add new members? 
  • Is everyone involved having a positive, meaningful experience to ensure future years of service?
These are all good volunteer staffing issues to address prior to a new school year. If you have questions about running an effective house corporation, send us a line.  We’d love to help.