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In conjunction with RPG Ownership and Management services, RPG offers consulting and guidance to recognized ATO House Corporations. We want to see corporations provide positive experiences not only for the brothers living in the house, but also the dedicated volunteers behind the scenes.  While summer is a great time to do some house cleaning at the chapter house, it’s also a great time to examine the Housing Corporation as well.  

A few House Corporation details to consider:

•         Do you need to update your board membership?  
•         Perhaps some members are no longer involved or have terms that are rolling off? 
•         How do you plan to add new members? 
•         When was the last time your bylaws were reviewed or updated?
•         Is the corporation current with the state?
•         Has the corporation closed it’s accounting for the year?
•         Is the 990 tax return being prepared?
•         Have you scheduled a summer meeting to plan for the next academic year?
•         Are we set for fall move-in?  Have the details been communicated?
•         Is there a maintenance plan in place including planned funding for any updates needed?
•         Are we ready to pass upcoming inspections from the city / fire dept. / insurance company?
•         Do we need funding in the next year for improvements?
•         Do we need to borrow money or refinance our mortgage?
•         Given today’s low rates, can we refinance and save money?
•         Are all of our vendor contracts in order and ready for the new year?

These are all good issues to address prior to a new school year. Good House Corporations function year round, not just the months our facilities are occupied. RPG has a wide array of resources and templates from Tax forms to facility management documentation available in our Housing Corporation Resources section for your use to help ensure your house corporation is operating at the highest level possible. Here’s a list of 7 Habits of Successful House Corporations. We also recommend the Property Management Resources available thru our friends at Holmes Murphy.

No matter what your plan is, it’s important to have one and a team who is invested in running the best corporation you can. If you have questions about running an effective House Corporation we can help.  If you have questions with one of the items above or anything else related to running your facility, like leasing, renovations or financing, give us a call.  We’d love to help!