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Finals are here; which means summer move-outs are upon us!  

For most housed chapters and house corporations, this means your facilities will be vacant or at much less than full capacity for the next 60-90 days. 

According to Holmes Murphy, each year, 76% of all claim dollars paid were paid as a result of fire damage with the majority of those occurring during the summer.  Next to that, water damage and vandalism were other big reasons that claims were paid out. We encourage all properties to have regularly scheduled walk thrus by your property manager. Don't forget about lawn care and exterior maintenance during your never know when a potential member might be visiting campus and drive by the property.  

Be sure to check out this link to see what you can do to prepare your facility for summer break from our friends at Holmes Murphy. The RPG House Closing Checklist and Move In/Out form are also great resources to ensure a smooth process!  

Best of luck on finals, enjoy break and stay tuned for more RPG and ATO housing news throughout the summer.