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To prepare for spring break, when few or no people will be in the chapter house, there are several things that need to be done to ensure the protection of the structure. Consider the following checklist as it applies to your situation.

• DO NOT turn the heat off and do not turn the thermostat below 65 degrees Fahrenheit.
• All windows and doors must be closed, locked, and secured. For theft prevention and energy conservation, the drapes and blinds should be closed.
• Allow one faucet on each floor (preferably rooms on outside walls) to have a slow drip to
maintain a flow of water in the pipes which will prevent them from freezing.
• If responsible for snow removal, please contract with local service or have a chapter member who lives nearby remove snow while on break.

• Timers On Lights
• Exterior lights help deter trespassers.  Motion-sensored lights and automatic timers are
convenient and will ensure that the lights are turned on and off when desired.
• Unplug all Appliances that are not necessary or being used for the week.

• Notify the fire department, police department and your alarm company whether the chapter house will be open or closed, and make sure they know the individual to contact in the event of an emergency.
• Secure personal Items: If a storage closet is unavailable, one room should be designated for locking up all target items for burglars, such as stereos, TVs, DVD Players, speakers, game consoles, etc.
• Composites, awards, and chapter memorabilia are often the target of vandalism, and some of these items are irreplaceable. Make sure these items are stored safely and out of plain view.
• Secure Outdoor Valuables

• To avoid any potential cleaning charges garbage, food, and trash must be bagged and in the dumpster, and the house must be left in clean condition prior to leaving on breaks.