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Indiana State (Zeta Omicron) John P. Newton Chapter House Update

Upon the end of the spring semester in 2015, the Indiana State Chapter House began a transition into Indiana State University student housing.  Once the chapter closed in April, RPG began searching for tenants and found a partner with the University.  Along with that partnership, came upgrades to the facility.  New floors, new paint, and an upgraded fire alarm system are all part of the upgrades that have happened to the facility since May. 

Even though the chapter house has closed its doors to ATO’s for the time being, Zeta Omicron alumni can trust that the house will always remain for ATO members to live in once the chapter returns.  RPG’s mission is to preserve and protect ATO Assets for the enjoyment of ATO’s and the partnership with the University will allow us to preserve and upgrade the facility for future ATO Tenants.  If alumni have questions about the status of the facility, feel free to email us at